Welcome to Mermaid Princess

the underwater home of the coolest, most authentic mermaid tails, straight from the deepest seas to you.
Wearing your Mermaid Princess tail will allow you to swim and feel like a real mermaid and be the star of the show as you effortlessly glide through the water with your very own tail making you half human half mermaid.
Our mermaid tails consist of speedy 4-way stretch fabric that feels great as you float along or swim through the water. Our proprietary monobloc heel strap ensures that all your power will be sent directly to your color-matching monofin and that it never inadvertently slips off. All our tails are machine washable and double-sewn at the tips to ensure they stand up to the wear and tear of life at sea. Just remember to not stand up in them or try to walk on dry

land – Mermaid Princess tails are only for use in water. Our helpful easy-on/easy-off makes our mermaid tail unique. It’s also the easiest to put on because the tail (fabric part) slips on first and then the monofin goes on. The open tail end allows for the free flow of water as you swing your body from side to side to propel yourself. You can even do realistic tail slaps on the surface of the water to show everyone your shiny Mermaid Princess tail and your swimming prowess.

See how much fun the Mermaid Princess can be in the videos below.